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Small Claims Court Advice – Las Vegas

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Not every lawsuit case needs to be handled by an Attorney. In fact, small claims are not even worth being handled by a Lawyer. Especially if your case is only worth $7,500.00 or less, it is quite possible that you could end up spending that much on an Attorney to litigate your case.

There is a simple answer to this problem. File your Complaint in Small Claims Court! There are three simple ways to get information on Small Claims Court:
(1) Go to the Clark County Court website;
(2) Call 702-671-3478; or
(3) You can always just go down to the Courthouse in person at 200 Lewis Avenue.

If you are filing the suit, get the very simple Complaint form off the website. The person or company you are suing must be in Las Vegas, Nevada. You fill out the Complaint and pay the filing fee (it won’t be more than $146.00).

Along with the Complaint you must properly execute the Proof of Service. This is very important because you NEED to be able to show proof that the Defendant knew about the small claims lawsuit. The Las Vegas Constable’s office can help you with serving the Defendant(s).

If an Answer is filed by the Defendant you both will automatically be put into the Mediation program to see if you cannot resolve this matter BEFORE going in front of the Small Claims Court judge. If Mediation fails you will then go to your Hearing at which time you have to explain to the judge your position. Bring witnesses and any documents supporting your position. Remember to be polite and to respect the rules of the Court. And ALWAYS address the Judge and not the Defendant!

Best of Luck.

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