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How to Battle with Insurance Companies

It does not matter where you live or what law firm you get, it will always be a David versus Goliath situation. Goliath is of course, the insurance companies. Even major sitcoms, such as CBS’ How I Met Your Mother makes light of the fact that these large companies have a division devoted to crushing the little man injured in an accident.

However, the beauty of the legal system is such that a small law office dedicated to helping people injured can engage in a fair fight with the insurance companies. Though the insurance companies have more money and therefore will be able to find more fire power to throw against you. Be steadfast. And remember that there are some very important key things that you can do as a client to help your case.

(1) Make sure that when the accident occurs you file a police report and establish who was at fault.

(2) If you are injured at the scene of the accident, you should go to the hospital right away.

(3) Listen to your doctors! Do not miss your appointments! And when you do feel better, make sure that they know this too so they can better assess your situation.

(4) Be up front about your past medical history and injuries.

(5) Finally, at some point, you should hire an attorney. In the majority of cases, insurance companies do not want you to do this because they know that they will be unable to corner you into a much smaller settlement than you deserve.