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Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Las Vegas: Only $20

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Las Vegas, Sin City, The Entertainment Capital of the World… whichever name you choose to call it by, it doesn’t matter. One thing will always hold true: people get in trouble here. The majority of people who drive to Las Vegas have been caught in the speed traps posted around town and issued a traffic ticket.

One of the most difficult things out-of-towners come across is where to take this ticket. It is one thing to come into town on vacation, but quite another to have to come into Las Vegas to take care of one parking ticket. That is why Ace Law Group in Las Vegas offers a simple solution: CALL US! 702-333-4ACE (223) and we can process your traffic ticket over the phone. You will have a contact person that you can actually speak with and ask questions to regarding your case.

All for only $20.00

This means wherever you are from, wherever you live, you can call Ace Law Group and we will go to court for you and take care of your traffic ticket. You will receive a detailed letter in the mail from our office on what to do next and how to pay the fines associated with the traffic ticket. And always… call us if you have questions!