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Ticket Attorneys in Las Vegas: Just Register in Nevada Aldready

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2011 | Uncategorized |

If you are like most people here in Nevada, you probably moved here from another state. Also like most people, you probably brought your car from your home state, with license plates still intact.

If you get pulled over, not having Nevada registered plates is an automatic ticket. Not to mention, we have seen unregistered plates as the REASON some people have been pulled over. In fact people can turn in neighbors to the Constables office and have you ticketed for not having registered plates in Nevada.

It is rare that you won’t get a hefty fine for not having registered plates in Nevada. However, we have seen a few cases get dismissed:
(1) son driving their parents car from California, proof provided that the car was only being used temporarily by son.
(2) friend was borrowing another friends car from out of state while his own car was in the shop… Proof provided.
(3) the car WAS registered, client just had not received the plates yet… Proof provided.

These may not work every time but if we can provide the proof there is a good chance for dismissal. However, the moral of this story is simple: register your car in Nevada if you live here!