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Ticket Attorneys in Las Vegas: What is the Scam?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2011 | Uncategorized |

There really is no scam. Nevada (Las Vegas) is one of those rare places that has a system in place whereby an attorney can go to an attorney session on your behalf and get your traffic violation reduced to an “illegal parking”. Although there will be a fine, and the fine may be high depending on what you were pulled over for, you will save much more money on the illegal parking charge because your insurance will not increase.

The fines that ticket attorneys will negotiate for you have gone up in recent years. There in lies the problem. People who had a ticket at one time may come in a year later for the same ticket and the fines may have increased. This of course makes it seem like maybe the lawyer did not do their job or perhaps some sort of “scam” is involved. Quite the opposite, it is the judges and DA’s who dictate what those fines will be and those are usually set by the powers that be.

Now you can try and go down yourself. You can show up on the court day and plead your case in front of the traffic court judge. Maybe you can get a similar result. However, you will have to wait in line, you will have to waste a morning, if not half a day going through the whole process. That alone you are saved money on. Not to mention, what do you say to the judge when you finally do get up there? We lawyers of course know what to say, but you may talk yourself into deeper trouble… trust me, I have seen it happen.

At the end of the day, the way the system is set up here in Las Vegas is that you will save much money on your insurance not increasing due to points for traffic violations. Imagine if you lived in other states where they did not have this system? You would pay an exorbitant fine AND have points on your records.

There is no scam. Just a difference in what the different ticket attorneys charge.