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Las Vegas Employment Lawyer: Wrongful Termination

Have you been discriminated at your place of employment and been terminated in the aftermath? Many people feel that this is the case in todays economy. However, there is a fine line between "My boss is a jerk" and "I am entitled to damages under the Discrimination laws of the United States of America"!

Discrimination is essentially when you have been treated differently because of your Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Age and/or Disability. You have been treated differently and subjected to negative treatment which caused you to complain to either Human Resources or other Management in your company. Now this is a very important function in a wrongful termination case. Did you complain about the discriminatory acts to either Human Resources or some other Management position? If you did not, how can we hold the company liable for not knowing what was going on? The only real exception to this rule, is that the person commiting the acts was someone who essentially was the owner of the company (or like an owner).

If you did complain and nothing happened, you should look into filing a complaint with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission (NERC). The day this complaint is filed, you can count any acts that were discriminatory going back 300 days. So it is very important that this complaint be filed as soon as possible.

Some people are scared of filing complaints for fear that they will lose there jobs. This is true that this could lead to termination., however, always keep in mind there are protections for this. If your Employer does wrongfully terminates you because you either: (1) Complained to Human Resources or Management; or (2) Filed an NERC Complaint then you can add Retaliation to your list of complaints. Under the law, an employer can not fire you for just complaining about discrimination. They do need a valid reason to terminate... so do not give them one.

Once the NERC complaint is filed you should seek the assistance of an attorney. Employment law is one of those fields that is complicated and rife with pitfalls. For example, upon termination, you MUST start looking for a job, because if you just sit around collecting unemployment and hoping to score a big lawsuit this will count against you. So keep a log of all the places that you apply with so taht you can prove this down the road at trial.

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