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Las Vegas Injury Lawyer: Time To Lawyer Up

Everyone has heard the story. It has happened to you or someone you know. You bought insurance. You spent years paying that insurance. Something bad happens and you call your insurance company for coverage. The insurance company finds a technicality and denies your claim.

The Attorney commercials that say insurance companies hire teams of lawyers who’s sole job is to pay out as little as possible are right on the money. It goes even further than that. Not only do insurance companies hire teams of lawyers, they also have entire departments dedicated to “evaluating” your claim. By evaluating, I mean finding any which way possible to deny or limit your claim to as little as possible.

Now I am not saying that everyone who is insured deserves an immediate payday from the insurance company. But, if you have homeowners insurance and your home and property is damaged by water from a leaky pipe. Then your homeowners insurance should cover that damage! If you have car insurance and you get hit by someone without car insurance, well then your car insurance should cover your damages under uninsured motorist!

These days, the way insurance is written there are loopholes every which way that allow insurance companies to find someway to deny your claim. That is why you need the help of a lawyer. A lawyer who is up to date with insurance laws and up to date with what it takes to negotiate your claim. Here at Ace Law Group we will contact the insurance company and put together the evidence needed to make sure that your claim is “evaluated” correctly.