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Traffic Tickets Lawyers in Las Vegas… and Yes, we only charge $20!

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We are all over this town. Traffic tickets Attorneys who are advertising on a massive scale to handle your tickets at a low price. Every firm has clients who have had great experiences and clients who had horrible experiences. When you have so many clients coming through your firm it is bound to happen.

I once read in a news article that Las Vegas makes millions of traffic ticket fines. However, despite popular belief, there is no police directive or quota that needs to be filled. No end of the month surge by officers because they need to meet their minimum number on issuing traffic tickets. The truth is they really are just doing their job, and like every profession you have some who are more aggressive than others…

Many clients who come through the doors here at Ace Law Group ask what happens, essentially I feel as if they are asking, “Why do I need an Attorney for this?” Well I am not sure how the other ticket lawyers handle tickets but this is what we do in a nutshell:
-First step is you bring us your traffic ticket.
-Depending on the court where your ticket is varies on the fine amount.
-We attend traffic court on your behalf, and (in most cases) we negotiate your ticket down to an “Illegal Parking”.
-Illegal Parking means that it is no longer a traffic violation but a simple parking violation. This means ZERO points on your record, which means your insurance does NOT go up!
-There is a fine you will still have to pay for that “Illegal Parking”, however, at the end of the day, the money you save on your insurance not going up far outweighs any couple hundred dollar fine you will have to pay.

Once you step into our office and hire us, we take it from there. You will get a letter in the mail telling you exactly how to take care of your “Illegal Parking” fine. Of course, if you have any questions we are always available to talk to you.

And like it says in the heading of this article, Yes, we really do only charge $20 per traffic ticket.

Just do not wait until the day of the ticket being due, nor after the due date on the ticket which could mean your tickets goes into warrant. This of course would incur different fees. Just bring us your ticket atleast a few days before it is due and we will take care of it for only $20. That simple.