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Las Vegas Injury Lawyers: What to do when someone hits you with their car.

On Behalf of | May 26, 2011 | Car Accidents |

Car Accidents are common all over the United States, and Las Vegas has their fair share of Car Accidents. As Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ace Law Group would like to share with you the next few simple steps for handling this situation.

(1) Make sure you and those in your car are okay!

(2) Call the police and make a police report. You MUST have a police report, they are a huge help when dealing with a case or even your own insurance company.

(3) Report the accident to your insurance company.

(4) Call an ambulance if you are injured to take you to the hospital. Sometimes injuries can creep up on you hours later, so if you at any time following the accident do feel pain, call your family doctor or head to Emergency to seek treatment. Even small whiplash accidents could blossom into something bigger if not treated correctly.
*Special Note* Make sure you go to all your appointments with your Doctors!

(5) Get an estimate on your car for damages. Send this estimate to your insurance company so they can get the insurance company of the person at fault to pay for your property damage.

(6) Find a lawyer to help with the personal injury side of your case!

The main goal for any attorney in an injury case is to ensure that you (the Client) are made whole again. This is done through medical treatment, and if there is permanent damage, all that must be accounted for in any sort of settlement. Here at Ace Law Group we always seek to ensure that the client recieves the best settlement possible to ensure that they too are made whole again.