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Spotlight: Cases in the Media

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Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. You may have heard that she allegedly stole a necklace and was subsequently hit with a criminal theft charge along with the fact that this would be a violation of her probation from her previous drunk driving charge. As it stands, Ms. Lohan has until March 23, 2011 to decide whether or not she will be taking a plea deal where she pleads “No Contest” to a felony grand theft charge, which would involve jail time. In fact, any plea deal taken by Ms. Lohan will involve jail time, as bluntly stated by Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz. The penalty for felony grand theft ranges from 16 months to three years in state prison.

Raymond Clark III, the suspect in the killing of a Yale student in 2009 plead guilty to the murder and attempted sexual assault of Annie Le. As part of a plea deal, Clark will be spending 44 years in prison. This plea is coming on the heels of a detailed description laid out by the Prosecutors showing how Annie Le was strangled to death and had a broken jaw and collerbone with Clark’s DNA all over the crime scene.

Casey Anthony is going to jury trial for murder charges in the death of her two year old daughter. The girls was reported missing and found five months later. Jury selection begins May 9, 2011 for this case.

The ever growing infamous John Edwards sex tape scandal has recently taken off. Former Senator John Edwards’ ex-mistress Reille Hunter is suing his former Aide Andrew Young to reclaim materials belonging to her, including a sex tape that Reille and Edwards made.