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Gun Control in America… What is the Solution?

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Here are some numbers to consider (courtesy Time Magazine 1/24/11 Issue):

31,224 People die a year from Gun Violence in America
17,352 commit suicide a year using a gun
613 accidental gun deaths a year
8 children die a day from gun violence
268 people EVERY DAY are shot in some gun-related incident

California, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island (to name a few) have some of the most strictest gun-control laws in America. These states also have some of the lowest gun-death rates in America.

In the aftermath of the deadly shooting that occurred in Arizona which took six lives and seriously injured Gabrielle Giffords, Democrats and Liberals across the United States are clamoring for Gun Control, and it seems as if President Obama is listening. In an invterview with NBC’s Brian Williams, White House Advisor David Plouffe stated that President Obama will be addressing the Gun Control issues this year.

However, despite the outrage at the Arizona shooting, gun control laws will need a mighty push from to ensure that stricter laws be enacted. Strong interest groups, such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) work hard to ensure that gun control laws stay loose. NRA historically enjoys turning on gun control rhetoric, most recently against Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, an advocate for stricter gun control laws. As Mayor Bloomberg became more outspoken following the Arizona shooting, so has the NRA increased mocking the Mayor for “blaming everyone else for violent crime in New York City. He’s also blamed Mother Nature for his recent problems with snow removal.” (stated NRA political director Chuck Cunningham)

So what is the Solution to this problem?

I wish I had the answer, but I do not. There is one solution I can think of: The key to solving any and all of the issues in America today is to stay informed. MTV had it right when they launched their “Choose or Lose” campaign to encourage the youth of America to vote. Understanding the issues will allow everyone to make an informed decision on how to vote to take care of these issues. Whatever your views on gun control, stay informed, keep reading the news, and (as MTV would say) Choose or Lose.