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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell… Don’t Work!

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2010 | Uncategorized |

Divorces can get very expensive when using attorneys. Some attorneys charge up to $500 an hour for their services, and for someone who is trying to support children and recently separated from their significant other; this can cause a severe financial burden.

There is an alternative! In the State of Nevada they allow for what is called an “Uncontested Divorce”. An Uncontested Divorce is when you and your significant other have chosen to get a divorce and you have worked out all the details. For example, you have amicably worked out who is going to get which car, who is going to keep the house, and what kind of visitation rights to the children each parent will have.

If all these details of a divorce are worked out beforehand by you and your significant other, you can hire an attorney to help you file your Joint Petition for Divorce. This should significantly lower the amount of attorneys fees that you would need to pay. Typically, a Joint Petition for Divorce will need to cover all the basics of who gets to keep what property and who will have to take on what debt.

Especially if you and your soon to be ex have children, it is always good to begin the split with communication and by working things out amongst yourselves. Taking that step towards diving up assets, debt and child custody will go a long way towards help you work together in the future.