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There is an epidemic sweeping the United States as bad as the epidemic that is teenage smoking. Bullying. Bullying in schools has existed for centuries, however, with the advent of the internet it has been taken to a whole new level. Not a week goes by when a news article does not come out regarding a bullied student committing suicide over the hostile school environment he/she has had to face.

Typically, bullying during school and on school property is bad enough. When coupled with Facebook and Myspace, or “cyber-bullying”, threats and insults rise to a level of instant gratification for bullies. Rumors can spread quickly over text or internet, making the harassment all the more painful and public.

The state of Minnesota has been one of the first states to react to this epidemic by introducing state laws to protect kids from bullying. Minnesota calls their bill the “Safe Schools for All” bill that essentially puts together a zero tolerance for harassment using classes under the Human Rights Act.

Yet, even with the passage of laws protecting our children, who will be responsible for the safekeeping of our children? The responsibility falls on the same people who have been doing it for decades, the school districts who employ teachers and staff dedicated to teaching our children. If your child is being bullied during school and on school property, it is the school that has a duty to ensure that your child is protected from harassment.

If your child is being bullied at school the first thing you should do is address the issue with the school. If the problem persists, perhaps a school change is in order, and as always please consult an attorney to see if there are any other avenues for reperation.